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Who is HFA?

HFA (Healthcare Financing of America) is a leading provider of 0% APR medical bill loans to help patients pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

How is HFA connected to my healthcare provider?

Hospitals and healthcare providers partner with HFA to provide their patients with a stress-free and interest-free way to pay for their out-of-pocket medical bills. Our industry leading software platform provides patients with an easy-to-use all digital experience to pay for healthcare expenses. Watch this video to see how it works →

Are HFA loans really 0% APR?

Yes. All HFA healthcare loans are 0% APR (a fancy way of saying zero interest).

If HFA doesn’t charge interest how do they make money?

Our healthcare partners (hospitals, healthcare providers, doctors, etc.) pay us a fee to manage and service 0% APR loans to their patients. Our patients-first approach to making medical bills easier helps our healthcare partners provide a better billing experience to their patients.

Who is eligible for an HFA loan?

If you have medical bills, then you are eligible for an HFA loan. However, your healthcare provider must be in our network. If your provider is not in our network contact us to learn more about adding your provider to our network.

Will applying for an HFA loan impact my credit score?

During the loan application process our proprietary software will perform a soft credit pull to verify your information without affecting your credit score.

When can I apply for a loan with HFA?

You can apply for a loan with HFA once eligible medical bills have been loaded into the HFA platform by your medical provider. But don’t worry, HFA will text you and email you once your medical bills are available and it’s time to apply for your loan.

How do you handle my personal information?

HFA and our healthcare partners will never sell, rent, or loan any personal information that you provide us with.

How do I pay my bill each month?

Our lending platform is entirely digital. During the loan application process you have the choice to set your monthly payment up on a credit card or ACH draft from your bank account. The payment will then be auto-drafted on the same day as your loan completion and monthly until full loan payment.

What happens if I don’t make my payment?

All HFA loans are setup to be paid by card (debit, credit or HSA) or ACH bank draft. If a payment does not go through for some reason our customer service department will contact you to update your information in our system. Failure to pay your bill in a timely manner may result in your account being returned to your medical provider where they may pursue any and all manner of recourse to collect the unpaid portion of your claim.

Can I view my account info and payment history online?

Of course. Simply login to your HFA account to view your profile information, payment history, and even add medical bills to your loan.

Where can I find more information on your policies?

Simply click on any of the links below to view our privacy policy, terms of use, and disclaimers.

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